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Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer starts today

Woods turned completely green by now, but our Latvian weather still makes us wear coats.

Summer starts today. It will be one special summer amongst all of the last 7 summers. It's hard to believe, that these 7 years had passed so fast! My big girl has graduated from her kindergarten and this summer will be the last one before she starts her school days.

This is our Anastasia with a hairstyle that was made specially for her graduation party!

Moreover, it will be the first summer with me having three kids. My arms will be tight by little Marge most of the time. Honestly, I think of it as of a big challenge. My goal is to spend this summer keeping a friendly and peaceful atmosphere at home, though it could be really hard or even unreachable sometimes, because I have one stubborn five year old, one I-can't-do-this-you-haven't-tought-me seven years old and one two and a half month old one, who just doesn't seem to like sharing my attention with others. Of course, I'm not hoping there will be much chances of traveling adventures around our city and country or making big projects with kids at home that involve much of my attention, but I think we could manage some smaller educational activities and a lot of playing outside. All I have to do is to be well organized and think of the daily activities the evening before. Being prepared for the next day concerns meal question too. I guess, this will be the hardest part for me, as for the one who actually doesn't like to cook (and cooking for children, who doesn't like to eat, doesn't make it easier).

(It's not a post apocalyptic scene behind me, it's just a bit scruffy porch of our house.)

Of course, I'm counting on my husband's help too. A mother, who doesn't have a time for herself, will become exhausted pretty soon. One hour per day, when my dear husband will be looking after Marge by himself, should do the trick.

I already have one activity for the kids in my mind now. I think, it will be exiting for them to make a journal about their summer. We will start tomorrow. First of all, they will fill in a quiz about what they like that I've prepared for them. I'll give them the same quiz when the summer ends. It will be very interesting to compare if something had changed in their minds by that time. I'm planning to share our progress in my blog, though I'm not sure I'll have enough time even for a small records here starting from tomorrow and till september. But I'm feeling ready to dive in this adventure!

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